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Autism Google Glasses Ai Technology Featured In Springwise

May 20, 2016

Late last month the Wall Lab’s Autism Google Glass AI technology was featured in an article by [Springwise,] ( describing how the device is used in helping autistic children become more comfortable and aware of social cues and interactions. For the child wearing the glasses, the outward facing camera reads faces of family members and reads their expressions in real-time, while also recording how much eye contact the wearer makes with each face in his or her field of vision. Parents can also engage their child in games that prompt the wearer to find a face and recognize the expression; when the expression is correctly identified, an emoticon pops up on their screen. The glasses are connected to the Android app and record interactions and expressions that are color-coded and easy to interpret. The Android app and glasses, so far in this phase of research, is already showing positive signs of improvement in a child’s willingness to make eye contact and properly assess various social situations at home and in pubilc.

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