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Exciting Upcoming Lab Events!

May 20, 2016

The Wall Lab has been keeping busy these last few months with many exciting conferences and events. Below are conferences where you will find members of the team, with information regarding each event.

Big Data in Biomedicine Conference at Stanford University, May 25-26. Big Data will be a large, two-day event on harnessing datasets of biomedical information to prevent and cure diseas. Specific topics will discuss predictive and preventative, personalized, patient-centered, participatory, and preeminent health care. This will be an incredible opportunity for the collaboration of big-data analysis and medicine to tackle issues of human health we face today.

Bio-X 2016 Science Day at Stanford’s Clark Center, June 10. This is an opportunity for young children and teenagers to engage and become interested in science and technology. Booths will be set up displaying demonstrations and experiments, such as how magnets work, anatomy, solar power, robotics, genetics, and microbiology. The Autism Glass team will have a booth set up this year to give demonstrations of the glasses and provide information on other research and work currently ongoing for the project.

EurekaFest 2016 at MIT, June 17-18. EurekaFest will be a two-day event celebrating youth and role models who have shown incredible creativity and problem-solving skills in their field. Day one will be an opportunity for members of the 2016 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams and the 2016 IntenTeams to present their invention prototypes; winners of the Lemelson-MIT Student Prize will have the opportunity to discuss their inventions and will be awarded prizes for their achievements. The final day of the event will include high school students involved in the invention process, where they will be asked to create a wind-powered device that can hover over 30 feet while carrying a payload.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on all the exciting things the lab is up to!

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