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Dennis Wall

Principal Investigator

Dennis Wall is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine, where his lab is developing novel approaches in systems biology to decipher the molecular pathology... Read more

Jena Daniels

Clinical Project Coordinator

Jena joined the Wall Lab in January 2012 as a part-time Project Coordinator and accepted her full-time position when she graduated that same year from Boston University. Jena is now... Read more

Maude David

Academic Staff Researcher

Maude joined the lab in January 2014 and namely studies the gut microbiome of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) utilizing a large scale, crowd sourced clinical study approach. Her... Read more

Titas De

Computer Vision Engineer

Titas De is a Computer Vision Engineer at The Wall Lab at Stanford who is working to successfully bring the Autism Glass Project to market use under the supervision of... Read more

Leticia Diaz Beltrán

Research Scholar

Leticia spent two months in the Computational Biology Iniciative in 2009 as a visiting student from the Systems Biology Unit at University of Jaén (Spain), where her research was focused... Read more

Michael Du

Full Stack Developer

Michael’s main responsibility in the lab is to not break the internet, so if you’re reading this, then he’s doing his job. In a former life, he was an explorer... Read more

Marlena Duda

Clinical Research Associate

Marlena joined the Wall Lab in January 2011 as a co-op student from Northeastern University, and began full time work as a clinical research associate after graduating with a Bachelor’s... Read more

Azar Fazel

Research Data Analyst

Azar joined the Wall Lab in January 2015 as a Research Assistant working on Autism Glass project. She recently graduated from Stanford with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, majoring... Read more

Nick Haber

Postdoctoral Scholar

Computer Vision for Autism Therapy Nick joined the lab in August 2014 and is working on a project to put social cue recognition and gaze tracking technology on Google... Read more

Jae-Yoon Jung

Research Fellow

Jae-Yoon Jung joined the lab in 2009. His current work involves developing new methodologies for finding plausible gene-disease associations among mental disorders. He is also involved in developing next generation... Read more

Jack Kosmicki

Bioinformatics PhD Student

Jack spent two summers in the lab as an intern in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, he graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a BS in Bioinformatics and... Read more

Preston Lim

Master's Student

Preston recently completed his undergraduate education in Bioengineering at Stanford and is pursuing his Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is currently working on several exciting projects in the Wall... Read more

Ralph Ma

Undergraduate Student

Ralph joins the lab as a 3rd year undergraduate student studying computer science.

Chloe O'Connell

Medical Student Researcher

Chloe is joining the lab this summer to investigate the role of eQTLs and sex differences in the genetics of autism. As an undergrad at Brown University, she worked on... Read more

Alp Ozturk

Bioinformatics Research Intern

Alp is an undergraduate in the computer science major’s biocomputation track at stanford. He is currently working on updating Genotator and Autworks with new data.

Kelley Paskov

Master's Student

Kelley joined the lab in August 2016 as a Master’s student in the Biomedical Informatics program. Her background is in computational math and software development for bioinformatics. She has a... Read more

Jessey Schwartz

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jessey joined the lab in 2016 after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.A. in Psychology. She became interested in ASD while in college and now works as a... Read more

Sasha Sharma

Data Analyst

A data analyst for the Wall Lab. Currently busy compiling autism related data and improving her computational biology skills.

Nate Stockham

Neuroscience PhD Student

Nate joined the Wall Lab in September 2016 working on both the iHART and Autism Glass projects. Graduating with a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science in 2012 and a... Read more

Guhan Ram Venkataraman

Undergraduate Researcher

Guhan, an undergraduate senior majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in Computer Science, joined the Wall Lab in January 2016. He has since worked on the iHART autism genomics project and... Read more

Catalin Voss

Autism Therapy Google Glass Collaborator

Catalin Voss is a German student entrepreneur at Stanford University. Voss founded the computer vision startup Sension during his freshman year at Stanford’s startup accelerator StartX, where he is an... Read more