The Wall Lab at Stanford University


Rocky Aikens

Graduate Student

Rachael Caelie “Rocky” Aikens is joining the lab for the fall quarter, and plans to be working on the genomics team. She is a first-year Ph.D. graduate student in the Biomedical Informatics program at Stanford. She earned her bachelors degree in Mathematics and Biology from Swarthmore College in the Spring of 2017, and did statistical genetics research in the Voight... Read more

Isabelle Bankston

Video Analyst

Isabelle joined the lab in May 2017 as a Research Intern working on the Video Analysis Project and GapMap. She is currently a senior at The University of Texas at Austin studying Communication Sciences and Disorders in hopes of pursuing a masters in Speech Language Pathology. Experienced in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Oce Bohra

Research Assistant

Oce joined the Wall Lab in the fall of 2018, in the beginning of her junior year at Dougherty Valley High School. She worked on analyzing videos for a range of studies involving machine learning. Currently, she’s working on quantifying the results from the Autism Glass project and helping compile a list of early behavioral markers of autism for the... Read more

Nathan Chi

Research Assistant

Nathan joined the Wall Lab in June 2021 and is a rising high school senior. His research addresses automatically detecting autism in Guess What? audio clips. To accomplish this goal, he’s worked with a variety of approaches, including using traditional statistical classifiers with MFCC coefficients as input, as well as training CNNs and Wav2Vec2 models. Outside the lab, he enjoys... Read more

Olivia Dods

Research Assistant

Olivia joined the Wall Lab in May 2021 as a rising senior at Oak Park High School in Ventura County. Her work consists of analyzing incoming data from the GuessWhat? trials, furthering the GapMap project by working on the server and Optum data sets, and working in the genomics realm through gut microbiome research. She hopes to help the Autism... Read more

Henry Gu

Research Intern

Henry Gu joined the Wall Lab in June 2018 through the SIMR program and is a rising senior at Hillsdale High School. He is currently working on building video annotation tools and training machine learning classifiers to diagnose Austism Spectrum Disorder from video phenotypic data. Outside of work, he enjoys robotics, filmmaking, and trying exotic foods.

Anika Gupta

Bioinformatics Data Superstar

Anika joined the lab in June 2017 as a rising senior at MIT studying Computer Science and Biology. Her research focuses on exploring and testing various statistical and unsupervised machine learning approaches to identify disease-associated genomic signatures, with the ultimate aim of mapping the genotype-phenotype bridge in autism.

Christopher Harjadi

Research Assistant

Chris joined the Wall Lab in 2019 as a junior from Mountain View High School at Foothill Community College’s Middle College program. Chris is passionate about making the world a better place through psychology, and is creating a stress prevention curriculum designed with feedback from organizations like Challenge Success of Stanford University and experts like Dr. Laurie Santos. Chris also... Read more

Cathy Hou

Research Assistant

Cathy joined the Wall Lab in June 2019 through the Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research program (SIMR) as a rising senior at Henry M. Gunn High School. She worked on creating new features for Guess What? and is developing a facial emotion classifier designed specifically for pediatric populations to enhance the game’s therapeutic ability. Outside of the lab, Cathy... Read more

Simrithaa Karunakaran

Video Analyst

Simrithaa joined the Wall Lab in June 2018 and is a rising junior at Evergreen Valley High School. Projects she worked on include phenotypic analysis/rating of videos for the machine learning classifiers’ training sets, EGG data analysis with confusion matrices, and research validating previous predictions from the Wall Lab regarding genes linked with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In her free time,... Read more

Meghana Kaza

Research Assistant

Meghana joined the Wall Lab in May 2018. She is an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a minor in Public Relations. She is an Emergency Medical Technician and a news reporter with the Daily Illini, as well. Meghana strives to aid people most in need of urgent... Read more

Brianna Kozemzak

Graduate Student

Brianna Kozemzak is a first year graduate student in the Biomedical Informatics Ph.D. program. She is rotating in the Wall lab this quarter, where she will be working on the gut microbiome project and on identifying sub-types of autism from phenotypic data. Brianna obtained her B.S. in Computing and Applied Mathematics from Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, IN) in 2017.... Read more

Saurav Kumar

Research Assistant

Saurav joined the Wall Lab in June 2021 as a rising senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory. He has been working on the GuessWhat? app as an ML and iOS intern, building computer vision emotion classifiers and improving its interface. Saurav loves entrepreneurship; building apps, websites, and ML algorithms; and learning about space.

Anish Lakkapragada

Research Assistant

Anish joined the Wall Lab in June 2021 as a rising sophomore at Lynbrook High School. His research is focused on creating computer vision classifiers to detect behaviors indicative of Autism Spectrum Disorder in videos. This summer he worked on trying to use an LSTM network to detect hand flapping in the Self-Stimulatory Behavior Dataset. Anish hopes that his work... Read more

Brian Lin

Pediatrics Intern

Brian is a rising senior at Encinal High School in Alameda. He joined the Wall Lab in 2021 as an intern for the Pediatrics Program at Stanford. He is serving his second term (and will be serving his third for the 2021-2022 school year) as the student board member of Alameda Unified School District. Brian has worked with students and... Read more

Bennett Liu

Research Assistant

Bennett Liu is a junior at Stanford studying symbolic systems with a neuroscience concentration. In his free time, he loves to surf, spend time outdoors, and discuss theories of consciousness and how the brain came to be. He is passionate about developing a better understanding of the brain and scaling neurotechnology (BCIs, digital therapeutics, telemedicine) in under-resourced settings. He believes... Read more

Ralph Ma

Undergraduate Student

Ralph joins the lab as a 3rd year undergraduate student studying computer science.

Jeffrey Ma

Machine Learning Intern

Jeffrey Ma is currently a high school senior at Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose and joined the Autism Glass project in June 2017 to help develop a machine learning classifier for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Prathamesh Mohite

Research Assistant

Prathamesh joined the Wall Lab as a Machine Learning intern in May 2020. He worked on building a robust emotion classifier to be embedded into mobile tools such SuperPowerGlass or as a new game in the GuessWhat application to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) navigate human emotions. His primary objective was to improve the performance of the baseline... Read more

Anish Nag

Research Collaborator

Anish Nag joined the efforts of the Wall Lab in June 2016 on GapMap and shifted focus onto the Autism Glass Project in January of 2017. As a senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, He works extensively with large amounts of vision data and probabilistic models to search for discriminating features between neurotypical children and children with neurodevelopmental... Read more

Anthony Ng-Thow-Hing

Research Assistant

Anthony joined the Wall Lab in May 2020, and has been involved in design and development of the GuessWhat? App, marketing the GuessWhat? study through social media, and analyzing videos for machine learning classifiers. Outside the lab he can be found playing soccer, creating short films or editing videos, and developing mobile apps and games!

Hung Nguyen

Research Assistant

Hung joined the Wall Lab in January 2020 as a Research Assistant, and he recently graduated from Stanford with a BS in Computer Science. His current interest is exploring AR/VR technologies to eventually apply them to games for social good.

John Oseitohanmen Okhiulu

Research Assistant

John joined the Wall Lab in March 2019. He is a undergraduate student at Stanford University studying African & African American Studies and Human Biology. He is passionate about health equity, community advocacy, and mental health, and intends to go to medical school after spending a few years pursuing art practice in Los Angeles. Outside of the lab, John enjoys... Read more

Natalie Park

Research Assistant

Natalie joined the lab in the summer of 2019 following her first year as a pre-medical student at Columbia University, where she was selected as a John Jay Scholar. Recently, she worked on emotion and video annotations to create a video feature matrix of digital ASD phenotypes for the construction of machine learning classifiers in various projects. In college, Natalie... Read more

Maya Shukla

Research Assistant

Maya Shukla joined the Wall Lab in the summer of 2019 as a rising senior at The Harker School. This summer, she worked on analyzing videos from multiple studies that involve machine learning and quantified the results of the Autism Glass and Guess What projects. Outside of the lab, Maya is a drummer for her school band, loves to travel... Read more

Pari Srivastava

Research Assistant

Parishkrita (Pari) Srivastava is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology/Public Health on the pre-medical track. She was an intern at the Wall Lab as a high schooler, and returned during the summer of 2019. She is working on video annotations, specifically marking social prompts and joint attention. In her free time, Pari enjoys cooking, playing... Read more

Jackie Stahl

Research Intern

Jackie Stahl joined the wall lab in June of 2018 and is a rising Senior at Fremont High School (in Sunnyvale). This summer she is rating videos for the Video Project, redesigning the Autism Portal website, creating RedCap surveys, and making outreach flyers to recruit participants for a study. In her free time, Jackie enjoys playing waterpolo and soccer, as... Read more

Min Woo Sun

Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Min Woo joined the lab in June 2017 as an undergraduate senior double majoring in statistics and economics at UCLA. Currently, he is continuing his work on the iHART autism genomics project. His focus is to apply coalitional game theory and various clustering methods to find the genetic associations for ASD. Min Woo is interested in developing statistical learning methods... Read more

Soren Sutaria

Research Assistant

Soren Sutaria is a rising senior at the Menlo School (class of 2022). He is an avid tennis player and co-directs the Mountain View program of ACEing Autism. This program brings structured tennis to local children on the Autism spectrum. At his school, Soren led the first-ever TEDxMenloSchool initiative. He is also captain of his high school tennis team, which... Read more

Kevin Tabatabaei

Research Assistant

Kevin Tabatabaei joined The Wall Lab’s genomics team in March 2020. His work has centered on using bioinformatics to analyze large whole-genome sequencing (WGS) datasets to identify molecular markers of autism. He is currently entering his senior year of studying Health Sciences at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, and intends to study medicine.

Meagan Tsou

Research Assistant

Meagan joined the lab in January 2020 as a co-op student from Northeastern University working on GuessWhat? and the Autism Glass Project. She is currently a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston studying behavioral neuroscience and computer science. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and work with children with disabilities. In her free time she loves climbing and... Read more

Jack Wolf

Research Assistant

Jack is a junior at the Unviersity of Wisconsin-Madison studying computer science. He joined the Wall Lab in May 2019 as a summer intern working on the Autism Glass project. He built a mobile usage logging framework and website to help the lab understand the usage patterns of participants in the Autism Glass study. Next, he is building a deep... Read more

Tamara Zafer

Video Analyst

Tamara joined the Wall Lab in the summer of 2017, right before beginning her junior year at Cupertino High School. She worked on analyzing videos for the Video Project and validating resources for GapMap. In her free time, Tamara enjoys reading, playing basketball, and hiking.

Shiv Ansal

Research Intern

Shiv Ansal joined the lab in June 2017 as a senior at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. Currently, he is working with the Autism Glass Project and implementing a variety of algorithms to excel research on autism therapy. Shiv has a huge interest in computer science and loves to build cool things. He is currently involved in the area... Read more