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  • Stanford Winter Mini-Course Personalized Genomic Medicine

    March 04, 2015

    Dr. Wall is to teach a Stanford Winter mini-course, Personalized Genomic Medicine, BIOS 234. Follow this link. This course will provide an introduction to NGS and its implications for personalized genomic medicine. Students will gain hands-on experience with popular DNA sequence analysis tools as well as a practical understanding of... Continue Reading »
  • We're Looking for a Bioinformatics Specialist

    January 22, 2015

    Job description The laboratory of Dr. Dennis Wall at Stanford School of Medicine is seeking highly motivated staff to develop and study novel approaches in data-driven biomedical research to discover new biomarkers, therapeutics, and to revolutionize health and health-care. Primary Purpose(s) Employee will conduct research and development in biomedical informatics... Continue Reading »
  • Stanford Medicine Notable People January 2015

    January 16, 2015

    For the Wall Lab's work in machine learning and developing systems methods to reduce the time needed to screen, detect, treat, and track patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dr. Wall has been listed as one of Stanford Medicine's Notable People this month. Read more. Continue Reading »
  • Soaring Demands for Autism Treatment

    December 16, 2014

    Autism Spectrum Disorder has gotten the attention of companies with the soaring demand for diagnostic tools and treatments to help those with the disorders and those around them as much as possible. According to the article, one in 68 children is autistic. Dr. Wall is mentioned for his work with... Continue Reading »