The Wall Lab at Stanford University

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Email: Jwolf22 / wisc, edu

Jack Wolf

Research Assistant

Jack is a junior at the Unviersity of Wisconsin-Madison studying computer science. He joined the Wall Lab in May 2019 as a summer intern working on the Autism Glass project. He built a mobile usage logging framework and website to help the lab understand the usage patterns of participants in the Autism Glass study. Next, he is building a deep learning classifier to distinguish children from adults. This will be used to filter for children in existing emotion recognition datasets to train the emotion classifier, and to localize to children in videos from Guess What and Autism Glass.

At UW, Jack plays club lacrosse and works in a lab researching machine learning solutions for problems in healthcare. Outside of class, Jack loves to bodysurf, eat his mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, and pet any dogs he sees.