The Wall Lab at Stanford University

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Email: ldiazbel / stanford, edu

Leticia Diaz Beltrán

Research Scholar

Leticia spent two months in the Computational Biology Iniciative in 2009 as a visiting student from the Systems Biology Unit at University of Jaén (Spain), where her research was focused in network analysis approaches applied to autoimmunity. She joined The Wall lab as a graduate student in June 2013.

Currently, she is conducting an integrated systems biology analysis of all published autism spectrum disorders gene expression to test whether a common signature exists between blood and brain. She will also perform cross-disease analysis of autism and other related disorders, as this approach may unravel the evidence of molecular overlap among these conditions and suggest common molecular mechanisms that could provide relevant insights into the etiology and pathology of autism.

In her spare time, Leticia enjoys hanging out with friends in the search for great “tapas”, watching old movies, going to the beach, hiking and travelling.